About us

About The Company

Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed Co.Was established in 1964 as Kuwaiti company specialized in establishing, managing and preparing educational and learning institutions and institutes and supplying them with technical equipments and devices, educational programs, required administrative, educational and technical cadres in order to ensure fulfilling requirements required for granting academic degrees in accordance with laws and regulations applicable in Kuwait including :

  • 1. Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed school.
  • 2. Al-Naser school .
  • 3. The English Academy.
  • 4. The American Academy for Girls.
  • 5. Newzone Institute for Private Education.

Newzone institute

In 1999, Newzone Private Training Institute witnessed the first breakthrough representing One of the affiliates of Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed Co. as an institute specialized in the field of providing distinctive training services for promoting the human factor in order to contribute to the rehabilitation of cadres required for upgrade the scientific and career level of individuals within various authorities, institutions and ministries inside the State of Kuwait.

Through the policy of Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed Co. relying on the upgrading of human factor which represents the solely capable of raising the country and taking it to broad prospects in the field of scientific progress. Thus, the ideas are evolved and become more executable to establish Newzone Private Training Institute for supplying different ministries and authorities in State of Kuwait with the best trained and qualified human resources in accordance with specific vision laid down by institute management which believes in importance of development the progress and prosperity of Kuwait.

Institute’s objectives:

  • • That the institute takes the lead in the world of private training in the State of Kuwait by providing special performance in this field.
  • • Providing distinctive training service
  • • Preparing training programs appropriate for the labor market in the State of Kuwait
  • • Contributing to achieve comprehensive development plans in the development of national manpower.
  • • Preserving the elements of the training process
  • • Keeping the balance between scientific and practical aspects in building the trainees personality.
  • • • Keeping the values of society and its main components

Our mission

Preparing and implementing training system and programs accompanied by certified certificates for trainees under the supervision of the Most qualified trainers, providing the best modern educational techniques inside the State of Kuwait and distinctively giving open training hours for trainees.

Social liability

Our New Zone Private Training Institute provides distinctive educational services for all trainees indiscriminately in the State of Kuwait in order to contribute to qualify the human resources appropriate for the Kuwaiti labor market in accordance with the components which Keep the values of society.

Quality Policy

New Zone private Training Institute complies with all techniques which ensure creating distinctive education product in line with international quality standards under the supervision of the most qualified trainers and provides the best modern educational techniques in the State of Kuwait as New Generation Educational Establishment Co. holds Quality Certificate ISO9000:2001